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+ Custom Laser Layout Design

Our Laser Maze Challenge® is an easy to learn but nearly impossible to master attraction that compels players to challenge themselves, and others - over and over.  We flush mount our modules and design them to ensure the entire footprint is used and playable. No two Mazes are alike! We build a mock-up of your Maze at our office and customize your laser layout design to your desires and needs. This delivers higher repeat sales!

+ Sustainable Revenue

We work with each customer to create a package that is just right for their needs. Funovation creates the laser beam layout for each and every Maze at Funovation headquarters, taking the phrase “no two Mazes are the same” literally. With custom design, we ensure every Maze is easy to learn but nearly impossible to master. We have  customers that have been operating for over 5 years and they continue to accomplish great revenue! Why? Because, we are the leaders in innovation and we keep it fresh.

+ Customer Service

Because all of our products are made in-house and the customer service team is comprised of the engineers who created the products, you won’t find a more knowledgeable customer service team anywhere. We take our tenet of “partnering with our customers for mutual success” very seriously, and have accomplished a 99.45% uptime!

+ Installation Team

The Funovation Installation Team consistently receives accolades from customers.  The hiring process for our install team is demanding; this shows through in the product knowledge each member of our install team has. The Install Team treats each Laser Maze Challenge® as if it was their own and won’t leave a job site until they feel the customer has the best maze they can.

+ Safety

Our systems have gone through rigorous electrical, safety, and operational tests, demonstrating that we meet tough FCC, CE, FDA, TÜV, and RoHS regulations.  These certifications mean that you will never have to worry about the safety of your guests in The Laser Maze Challenge®.  All Funovation modules are flush mounted into the walls, and out of the way of rambunctious players. 

+ Continuous Innovation

Our Funovators are ALWAYS playing in the sandbox, letting their imaginations run wild.  Typically this brings our customers the very best in innovation and creativity.  Our new Vault Escape™ Theme, Oculas3™; and Start Gate Security are just a few of the amazing things that Funovation continues to build, all with our customer in mind!

+ Patented Technology

Funovation is proud to hold 4 patents, with 4 patents pending, for The Laser Maze Challenge®. The degree of engineering at Funovation is first rate and the engineers take a great deal of pride in using their skills to create the best products on the market.  This shows through in the various patents that Funovation holds on its technology as well as the durability of our products throughout the years.





Imagine entering a dark room and a web of lasers pops to life right in front of your eyes. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to navigate through the puzzle of lasers as quickly as possible. It's just like in the movies! Do you have the ability to navigate through the web of lasers and return through the Maze to safety?

All Funovation Laser Maze Challenges® are new and different, custom-made for each customer! We don’t make “cookie cutter Laser Mazes”; we create a unique, mind-blowing experience for the end user, making for addictive play. And, we all know that ADDICTIVE PLAY means REPEAT CUSTOMERS!

Whether your Funovation Laser Maze Challenge® is going into an existing room that you want to reinvent or if you are building an entirely new space, we work with you to create the ultimate Laser Maze Challenge® package to maximize your profitability.

Owning a Laser Maze is simple! There are 3 main elements to a successful Maze: System, Structure and Theming.

  • System
  • Structure
  • Theming
  • Upgrades
  • Design

Having fun in LMC


The Laser Maze Challenge® standard package includes everything you need for a successful Laser Maze!

The Extended Laser Maze Challenge®doubles your lasers for a bigger experience. More lasers mean more options for play and a greater WOW effect. The Extended Package is highly recommended for customers that lean toward the ‘hard core’ side of competitive!

In-Maze Configuration allows you to easily enable/disable different lasers making the puzzle completely different.



Funovation now offers a Co-op Mode that allows two players to work together to accomplish their mission in record time.  This new concept allows team play which delivers higher throughput.  This option comes with every maze we design>

Enjoy the ability to arm your maze from up to 30 feet away with our new Remote Control feature, giving you better flow control of your Laser Maze Challenge®.  Plus, let's be honest, it's just really cool!  Three remotes come with every maze, for no additional charge.

Funovation offers the following Additional System Upgrades, be sure to ask your Sales Rep for more information.

- Premier Package

- WOW Package - This package paired with the Extended Laser Maze Challenge® is the most popular!

- Off the Charts Package

Laser Maze Challange - Funovation ProductWith over 252 Mazes in 27 countries, Funovation is proud to continue to say, NO TWO FUNOVATION LASER MAZES ARE ALIKE!

The key to each design is how it fits into your center, flow of guests, operations and overall availability of space. We work with you directly and provide a complimentary design analysis customized to your center. Following are a few of the more popular options:

Build Your Own Walls

It’s a simple standard construction build. Funovation will provide a pre-installation checklist, as well as layout and electrical plans to make the process smooth.

Let Funovation Take Care of It

With the Turnkey Structure, you provide the space and the power; we handle the rest.  This option is also seasonably portable.

Shipping Container Unit

Funovation’s Container Unit has plug-and-play construction, which requires no building permits and includes Funovation-approved construction, electrical and carpeting. With its robust design, it complies with international shipping standards, and is also seasonably portable.

Mobile Unit

Take the Laser Maze Challenge® on the road! Fully equipped and beautifully themed, the Trailer Maze is ready to rock parties and parks across the country. Click here for more information.

In true Funovation style, we do not provide just ordinary theming. With six different story options, our Authentic Theming Packages immerse your players into the Laser Maze Challenge® for a truly memorable experience.

Do you have your own idea for theming? We will work alongside you and your artist to help you create the theme you envision. 

Whether you would like to go with one of our theming packages, hire a local artist, or use our complimentary graphics, we will have fun creating an experience that is sure to get your guests talking!

Let your imagination run wild, and Funovation will catch it; heck, chances are we will run past it!

Click on each image to enhance your Laser Maze Challenge® Theme experience.

Space Quadrant 2051™

Space Quadrant 2051™

You’ve been taken captive by your bitter rival, interQuark Aerospace. The escape pod is within your reach but lying between you and freedom is your captors’ intricate laser security system. Your team is counting on you as their last chance of escape. Good luck!

The Lost City of Gold™

The Lost City of Gold™

Descend into the time-worn ruins of an ancient civilization. Forgotten deep within lies the Eye of Ra... Guarded by beams of mystical light. Do you have the skills to navigate the mysterious Maze and emerge with the prize?

The Vault™

The Vault™

Watch in amazement as your wildest action fantasy blazes to life before you. Dodge and weave through the security laser field, arm the hand scanners activating the 3d vault door. Reach inside to grab for the cash and end your mission. Only the most skilled will make it out of this high-end vault!

The Hunt for the Hidden Treasure™

The Hunt for the Hidden Treasure™

A mysterious ghost ship has just arrived at dock. Inside lies plundered treasures greater than any before. But liberating it will require the true wits and prowess of the greatest buccaneer, for an ancient curse lies between you and the riches of the deep!

The Time Portal™

The Time Portal™

The eccentric scientist Doc Green created a Time Portal and has been traveling back and forth through time. On his last trip, he accidentally ran into himself, creating a tear in the space time continuum. He needs your help to get through the laser security system and shut down the Time Portal before the future gets sucked into the past. The fate of the world depends on you!

The Vault Escape™

The Vault Escape™

The only thing standing in the way of you and a stack of cash is a sophisticated laser security system. If you're able to make your way through the lasers, grab the cash, and disable the high-tech hand scanners, you will be handsomely rewarded!


We offer many upgrade opportunities. Be sure to talk with your Sales Rep to explore all the options.

Following are a few highlights:

Oculas 3™ Funovation's scanning laser sweeps the playing field mesmerizing your customers while creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the player and repeat plays for you.  We wire and design this into all our Mazes so you can upgrade to this innovative, proprietary technology at anytime! Learn more...

Touch Screen Top Ten Entry integrates Top 10 Score Display upgrade with auto-attendant giving players the ability to enter in their own names.

The Photonic Passage™ is a status-indicating glow trim. Not only does the Photonic Passage™ bring added attention to your Laser Maze Challenge™, but it also benefits operations and throughput of the Maze by letting players know whether it is ready for a new mission.

Redemption option comes with everything needed including mechanism, front lockable face plate, custom board, LED indicator for low tickets and ticket hopper.

Each Auto Attendant option comes with a Credit Display Board and full integration with the Laser Maze Challenge™.

  • Coin-Op with 500 tokens
  • Bill Acceptor
  • Card Swipe Integration

With use of a Point-of-Sale Promotional Video Display we've seen up to a 70% increase in customer conversions playing the Laser Maze Challenge®.


Funovation upgrade options


With over 252 Mazes in 27 countries, Funovation is proud to continue to say, NO TWO FUNOVATION MAZES ARE ALIKE!

The key to each design is how it fits in your center, flow of guests, operations and overall availability of space.


Lasers get tricky around corners, creating a great adventure! Allure is typically a U-Shaped Design.



One door for entrance and exit, this design usually a down and back design that is great for facilities that have a small footprint.



A great design for increased through-put with two doors for entrance and exit that helps maximize traffic flow in certain centers.

Dueling Laser Maze Challenge®

Dueling Laser Maze Challenge®

Do you have huge traffic numbers? You can double your profit potential with this fiercely competitive head-to-head design.

Custom Laser Maze Challenge®

Custom Laser Maze Challenge®

Every project is unique, and your space might be in need of a custom Funovation package.



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